Our services range from product development to industrial engineering and construction of production facilities. Our strength is our team of specialists with extensive practical experience. We are the Plus in engineering.



Our main focus areas of development are the mechanical and electrical design. In addition, we excel in tasks spanning from calculation, programming to documentation. 
Our projects range from the automotive industry and automation technology to the machine tool industry and medical technology. 
Through our knowledge of the planning and turnover processes, we care to develop solutions that are functionally reliable and easy to install. Our motto is: as easy as possible! 


Industrial Engineering

We carry out production planning projects mainly in the fields of mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and medical technology. They encompass all manufacturing and joining processes and their respective layout planning, the creation of tender documents and all the way to the supply chain management. 
To us, planning means bringing both plant suppliers and the OEM to jointly achieve objectives. Create solutions, instead of delegating tasks! 

Construction and turnover

The plant system manufacturers we cooperate with during the planning stages receive our support worldwide during the construction and final turnover of automation systems. We go beyond assembling manufacturing plants mechanically and electrically: we can coordinate the component production or manufacture components ourselves, as well as code automation systems, achieve commissioning, train employees and manage servicing. Our support in the construction and commissioning process has two objectives: to attain the required production capacity at the agreed quality level for the OEM and the successful systems’ turnover for manufacturers.